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Don’t let her nine-to-five job as an executive assistant fool you – Alexandra Casavant is an elegant wordsmith and seeker of truth.

Alexandra was the girl in school who the teachers would catch writing wild and fascinating tales in the back of her composition notebook when she was supposed to be practicing her multiplication.  She was the college student who would draft pieces of poetry and prose in the middle of a dull lecture, and the young woman who would spend endless hours after class writing short stories when she had other homework to do.  Despite being hyper focused on her writing, Alexandra somehow always managed to get exceptional grades in school and university alike – earning her a degree from the prestigious Hofstra University in speech language pathology and audiology.

Her passion for speech and communication was the impetus of her first book, The Voiceless Voice – and exploration of language and the barriers experienced by millions of individuals.  She went on to publish her second book, Mysterious Minds shortly after.  Alexandra is driven to help herself and others embrace personal growth, expand their sense of understanding, and explore their sense of wonder.  By sharing her boundless creativity and burning desire to help others connect on a deeper level, Alexandra helps humanize and shed light on some tough topics – while also lightly dancing around the wonderful celebration that is life.

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