What Are The Top Ten Habits Skilled Readers Follow?

We all know excellent readers, people who just seem to absorb information and read voraciously.  After all, have you ever looked into the reading list of Elon Musk?  He is well known to be a prolific reader, on a huge variety of subjects, and he states that this skill is key to his success.  So, what are these things that good readers do that helps them get the most out of whatever they are reading? Here is a list of the top ten readers habits:

  1. First of all, they have cultivated the skill of reading. They are good at decoding, assessing the meaning of a word from parts of speech and root words if it is an unfamiliar word, and using the basics of reading to help them easily recognize each word.
  2. Skilled readers don’t guess at words. When they encounter an unfamiliar word, they utilize their prior knowledge, use context and use root words and prefixes and suffixes to help them determine the meaning of a word.  If that is not completely helpful, then they go and look up the word rather than skipping over it or simply guessing.  Their vocabularies grow prolifically as they read.
  3. Skilled readers use their prior knowledge and experiences to help them to understand what they are reading. They use long term memory to help them get the most out of their reading.
  4. A skilled reader uses what is directly written in the text and what is inferred in the writing to understand the complete richness of the information or story. A great deal of information can be gleaned this way.
  5. Skilled readers think about what they are reading, both while they are reading and after. They monitor what they have read, and look to clarify if there are any confusions in what they read and what they feel they understood.  They don’t just leave it alone and try to move on, they actively think about what they have read.
  6. Skilled readers not only read, but they question and discuss what they have read. They will talk about details and overall concepts with peers, with superiors, with friends.  They ask questions and answer questions from others.
  7. These skilled readers also seek out more information. They will be interested in what they are reading and will then do research and look for more information. You will find that they look up words and terms, look up the answers to questions and seek out additional resources.
  8. A skilled reader is able to restate the information or story they have read, in their own words. They can express to others what they read, to truly ingest the content and then express it to others.  They have thought about what it means and what they enjoyed most about it.
  9. A skilled reader who is also a scholar will frequently take the information they have read, and put it into some sort of visual product, whether a chart or graph, but translating the information gleaned from reading to truly extract the most meaning from what they have ingested.
  10. Someone who is a skilled reader will look to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge base. They will seek out more challenging reading material, more challenging topics, and new information.  They do not limit themselves to what they have already experienced, but search for more.

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