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Alexandra Casavant is a student, blogger and creative writer, who writes during class lectures when they become painstakingly boring. Although she writes during class, she contentiously surprises herself by maintaining exceptional grades. Her studies are in language development and the diagnosis and treatment of language disorders. A student and writer by day and a procrastinator by night, somehow, she does it all.

She specializes in fictional stories that are related to her field of study.

The Voiceless Voice is her first fictional book. This is a unique and compelling book, filled with captivating fantastical and real elements. Your voice is a powerful weapon that can make you great in life if used in the right way. This great book will transport readers on a journey of twenty short stories which each offers their own roller coaster ride. Each one provides an up close and personal look at the character’s life-changing situation. The obstacles they face will allow you to stop, reflect, and then begin to understand why they are at this point in their life.

Your voice is a powerful weapon that can make you great when used in the right way.

Alexandra Casavant The Voiceless Voice

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